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Speaker, Author, Executive Performance Coach

Bernie De Souza

Bernie De Souza is a World-Renowned International Speaker, Best-selling Author and leading authority in helping Professionals to get more clients with these key skills.

Bernie specialises in helping professionals with client acquisition, by explaining the exact words to use, to influence prospects and clients with Integrity to say yes please, more easily.

Bernie has spoken in over 50 countries helping people with skills like how to close more easily, how to fill their diaries with quality appointments and get Automatic referrals plus many more skills.

Bernie teaches these specialist skills at conferences, workshops, one to ones and blended learning programs.

Course curriculum

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    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Networking

    • 3. 3 words for asking soft questions

    • 4. 4 words for building solid rapport

    • 5. 5 Stages to a 60 second talk

    • 6. Third party hook Micro Story

    • 7. 5 tips to get a testimonial Call to action

    • 8. What to avoid saying at networking meetings

    • 9. 9 words for Referrals

    • 10. Recap and final words

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