What causes potential clients to say “yes” or “no” to our proposals?

Well, if we could read our potential clients’ minds, we would see the five questions they use to make their decisions.

Five questions? Yes. We will know the exact sequence and importance of these decision-making or decision-breaking questions. And 80% of this process happens even before our presentations or proposals begin.

What does this mean to us in real life? No more convincing, proving, and information dumps. Instead, we will allow our prospects to willingly volunteer to do business with us, before we even propose solutions.

Enjoy this clear and fascinating journey into our potential clients’ minds. Discover why the old school sales techniques of the 1980s no longer work. Our prospects are over-marketed to, subject to constant advertising, and can search for their own solutions online. But none of this matters when we do our job of guiding them through the minefield of insecurity and doubt.

In the new world of instant decisions, we need to master the words and phrases to successfully move our potential clients to lifelong clients. Easy … when we can read their minds and service their needs immediately.

Can we master these new words, phrases, and five questions quickly? Of course we can, and this book shows us how.

Let sales experts Bernie De Souza and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter share their secrets of instant rapport through closing.

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